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"Distinct in his kind, charismatic, a dark intellectual."


"Prasidis’ writing is layered and lush."


Theo's uninvited intrusion in the world of comics began in 2017, when Image Comics published his book THE DOOMSTER'S MONOLITHIC POCKET ALPHABET. He co-wrote the comic series SWAMP DOGS: HOUSE OF CROWS, published in 2021 by Scout Comics's imprint Black Caravan, and in 2022 TKO Studios published his first solo graphic novel, BLACK MASS RISING. ​His yet unannounced new graphic novel will be published by Dead Sky Publishing in late 2024.

Champion of the obscure Cult Film and Television Master of Arts degree from Ye Olde London’s Brunel University, Theo is a cult media sucker by degree, a horror/fantasy devotee, and a zealous propagator of the magical and the mystical, the nostalgic and the psychedelic, the pulp and the weird. 

He was the curator of Fuzztastic Planet Festival, the first international heavy/psychedelic rock festival in Greece, and owner of the indie record label Archaeopia

He has occasionally earned some money working as a cultural event coordinator, a film critic and columnist, a social media manager, a graphic designer, a commercial photographer, a bartender, a DJ, and a house cleaner. 

He lives a rather undramatic life in his hometown Drama, Greece, with his wife and two sons, heirs to a kingdom of sword and sorcery books, heavy metal vinyls, and more band t-shirts than any sane person should ever be allowed to own.

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Photo by Alexandros Katsamakis


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Tel - +30 697 4504457

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